Pied Piper Pic: Unnecessary Luxuries

DID2479656_SV305_JJ_120915_00044 (1)

Getting rid of the unnecessary luxuries acquired under “Action Jack.” Everything must go,we’re selling it all—except world-class compression technology, that is!**

(**=Actually, we of course do in fact intend to sell that as well as part of the Pied Piper platform, which we are at this moment hard at work on. Sorry for the confusion!)

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  1. Ken says:

    How much for Richard’s chair?

  2. uwaterloo student says:

    Are you hiring co-op?

  3. Looking for some growth hacking for your website or your app? Forget PiedPiper! Look for this guy: http://goo.gl/bK1Ila

  4. Jan the Man says:

    I suppose my Sales skills were an “unnecessary luxury” as well. Good luck, Pied Piper. You’re going to need it.

  5. Action Jack says:

    Exited but not out.

    Revenge will be mine.

  6. Joana Mendes says:

    Awesome! Are you hiring? 😉

  7. Shooter mcgavin says:

    Has anybody boned the hot one who sits on the board ?
    She makes my junk do flip flops

  8. Big Head says:

    You wanna hang out and have some burger king?

  9. Grant Wall says:

    I’d like to return the hard drive I bought. Turns out it has a hole in it.

  10. Tom Johnson says:


  11. Hold on a minute, can someone explain me how these dudes can functions without a growth marketer?! They should hire that guy: http://goo.gl/bK1Ila

    1. Chrystal says:


  12. Coffee-stained-shirt says:

    I hear people got a great deal on those hard drives!

  13. @ten-bobcats says:

    Luxuries are for the weak.

    Keep on chuggin’ you guys.