Pied Piper Pic: The More Things Change…


So it seems we are now fully a-pivot to video-conferencing! What a long gavotte this Pied Piper has capered, from Richard’s original music app. Yet, there are certain fixed stars that remain constant, that we may navigate by, constants like: Jian Yang, though an exceptional programmer, does not fully grasp the concept of the “prank call.”

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  1. Ahmed Reza says:

    Always Blue, Always Blue, Always Blue, Always Blue, Always Blue,…

  2. Gilfoyle says:

    Dinesh – when you see this, you owe me beer. In person, not over your video chat app!

  3. Jian Yang (sexual dynamo) says:

    Hey Erlich Bachman. . . . .

    I’m a you from the past. Before you got fat and a sad. . . .I’m still ugly and stupid though.

    I’m Erlich Bachman!

    1. Erlich Bachman (Chief Visionary & Head of Paradigm Disruption ) says:

      JIAN YANG!

      First, prank calls don’t work on company message boards, respect the sanctity of the boards! Second. . . sexual dynamo? I can hear you jerking it to Hentai porn from the living room. . . . .and not the tasteful elegant kind! 名誉と Meiyo to

      You owe me rent.

      1. Jared Dunn says:


        This is fun and all. But we really should consider that other business partners and potential employees may be looking at these boards and using that information to value the legitimacy of these operations.

        lets keep it clean guys.

  4. Patrice (formerly Hooli) says:

    Congratulations on the pivot! Are you currently hiring?

  5. fupeng says:

    we are making the world a batter place. LOL

  6. Marcus says:

    Please check out my startup. This is the only virtual world that runs in a browser on desktop and mobile devices! http://punkoffice.com/webiverse/

  7. Butts says:


  8. Gabe says:

    Shut up about the sun

  9. Aleksey says:

    pls, sent invite $)

  10. Koko Kowalski says:

    Will it replace Google? no? oh. Maybe I don’t understand it any more than Monica. But, we’re both girls. Can you fancy it up and give it a purple interface? Will it work to compress Kim K’s bootay? Yeah, grasping at straws.

    Hey, tell Yang I’ve got another prank for him. He can call Erlich and ask him ‘whats the difference between an enzyme and a hormone? You can’t hear an en zyme.)

    Anyway, hurry for the all access rollout, I’ll be one of your first subscribers, but i want a hotline to Jared. Couple of phone calls and he’ll man up real good.

  11. Chris Knight says:

    Cut the crap. You built a weapon. What do you think a secret phase conjugate tracking system is for? A big mirror makes a big beam…

    1. Shaun says:

      Excellent reference.

  12. S1iv0r says:

    Woo~~ is it amazing, Missy Hetong, Wang? Work of genius. Hopefully, someday I could build one company and be with you. : )
    Life is full of wonders. Daydream may come true. You are the wonder of all, the one i want seen.
    just not work for http://hooli.com/

    1. Wun Wun says:

      Why did you do this to me? Made me remember -_-

  13. Dinesh says:

    I’m the pied piper~ follow me ♪

  14. Nelson Bighetti Sr. says:

    One question to mr. Bachman. Do you have any horses?

  15. Hugh P. Ness says:

    Question: can they sue Hooli and Jack for making Richards idea of the box? Is Jack violating the non-disclosure agreement employees sign as they exit any company? There is more proof on this than there was when Hooli sued Richard.

    1. Wen says:

      This is tricky. The box is equipped with Endframe’s algorithm. What Jack Baker contributed to Hooli is the idea of the box, and the client relationship with Maleant. Although Jack might bring the specs to Hooli (very possibly), there is no proof.

  16. Vasdef says:

    Isn’t it true that compressing an already compressed file just makes it bigger?

    So how does “middle out” accomplish that? Does it decompress it first and THEN compress it again?

    Also, I have a great idea to convert Roomba’s to serve as building security drones with Tazers!

    Eat more bananas.

    …and for Pete’s sake get Richard laid.

  17. Shaun says:

    Will Monica be working for Pied Piper now? Can you ask her to call me? I think something is wrong with her phone. Whenever I call it always goes straight to voice mail.

    1. Future Shaun says:

      You talking to your future self now. You should stop calling Monica. It will not end well.

    2. Evan says:

      Who are you? How do you know her?

  18. 28 says: