Pied Piper Pic: Facing the Music


Here we see Richard and myself, accepting the heavy judgment of Raviga for the sin of click-farming, a sin that began with me. So when shortly after this was taken I sustained a head injury, my first thought was: This is so, so much less than I deserve. My second thought was: I require medical attention.

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  1. David Ainslie says:

    Man your UX sucks. Give me a call.


  2. Yrrah says:

    Awesome! Next time you have an app for beta testing, send me an invite Dinesh!

  3. Series is most gooders. good work must be kept upwards.

  4. Fransisca says:

    Click-farming? Really? Jared, how can you do something like that?!

  5. Sofuto says:

    Apple Watch Fan Boy

  6. Sofuto says:

    Great TV Show I Love it

  7. Jeff says:

    I have a question for Mr. Bachman, where did you get the desk for 5 people working together, and what’s the material?

  8. Joey Tian says:

    Really a great and wonderful show!

  9. 慧慧二号 says:


  10. Victoria Wu says:

    Amazing guys! You’re so cool! Really hope all of this is ture so I can use your APP to chat on line. 楼下的我看见你们了~

  11. Dinesh Mother says:

    PLEASE FIRE DINESH he no goodd, lethem cam home , dinesh very bad foar america, dinesh good for india

  12. Bernice says:

    My loyalty is to Richard Hendricks. He gets me. Not so sure about that Bachmanity guy – plus, he kinda looks like Jared Leto and Zach Galifianakis had a baby.

    1. SUNNY says:

      U guys are so funny ,love this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but i also think pied pier ,the name sucks. THE logo looks like breaking bad.OF course the drug is a part of this show

  13. Liam Lin says:


  14. JIN YANG says:

    When to play the 4th quarter

    1. Violet Lee says:

      哈哈哈。。。这是一个虚拟的网站吧?吓死了 以为真的有这个公司

  15. Kardel says:

    Totally Nice!

  16. Susan says:

    That’s so cute and thoughtful! Good luck with the show!

  17. Денис says:

    Хотелось бы локализацию продукта для СНГ.

  18. Ealeven says:

    哇!真的可以评论吗?真的会显示吗? love u guys~

  19. JD says:

    I uploaded my photos but it shows 0kb in my files

  20. JD says:

    Wheres the download button?

  21. JD says:

    I downloaded the program and it totally freaked me out.

  22. zealike says:


  23. SCULLY says:

    Pied Pipe is cool, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I just created a High Def, Ultra Fast video chat software similar to yours, if you guys do not hire me, I will give it to Hooli.

  25. yixin says:

    爱你们!很感动!so warm

  26. 杨靖 (Jing Yang) says:

    Awesome. looking forward to Season 4 !

    1. Victoria Wu says:

      Can’t believe we got an Jing Yang XDDDDDDDDD.

  27. 小刚 says:


  28. Phil says:

    Is that for real?

  29. Jin Yang says:

    Why are you living in the garage?

  30. Anuj says:

    Get better soon

  31. Guan says:

    Let me know if you guys still short of money!

  32. Shaun says:

    I’m going to require medical attention just from seeing Monica rock a pencil skirt. It’s already been 3 hours and 45 minutes. 15 more minutes and I’m calling a doctor.

  33. Marcus Milne says:

    Hmm…thinking of using a click farm for my beta web-based virtual world http://punkoffice.com/webiverse Need to fill it up with some more avatars! Anyone from Bangladesh here?

  34. William says:

    haha, hope everything is well

  35. Sherzod says:

    Good Luck Bachmanity

  36. Bob says:

    Jared, anyway you could get me one of those great pied piper jackets?

  37. Abby says:

    I ship it.

  38. Eric says:

    Hope you get better Jared!