Pied Piper Pic: Behold, A Pale Unicorn!


“And his name that sat on him was Erlich, and Profligacy followed with him!” (With apologies to Revelation 6:8.)

Sadly, Erlich’s Bachmanity boondoggle has led to his being unceremoniously bucked off the Pied Piper unicorn, stock-and-Board-seat-wise. (Chin up, Erlich—head of PR makes a lovely consolation prize!)

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  1. I love your guys very much, especially Richard and Jared.
    And audience in China wants to see Jian’Yang more often.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Intrigued by the sitcom. It’s like the movie about how Facebook got started but with a comedic twist. Sure shows how even if your smart enough to make such a thing someone that has no interest in it can screw you over. Crisco Oil & Eburnt would have given it 2 middle fingers up! Nice work everyone on the show, writers, producers, etc. Great comedy. Oh and “Sir Bachman”, nice job dumping that stock! ??

  3. Fantasy Island:
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    be smaller than the original. So, if we can store the key for the
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  4. Unicorns only let virgins ride them. It seems his business acumen isn’t the only thing Erlich exaggerates.