Pied Piper Pic: Behold, A Pale Unicorn!


“And his name that sat on him was Erlich, and Profligacy followed with him!” (With apologies to Revelation 6:8.)

Sadly, Erlich’s Bachmanity boondoggle has led to his being unceremoniously bucked off the Pied Piper unicorn, stock-and-Board-seat-wise. (Chin up, Erlich—head of PR makes a lovely consolation prize!)

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  1. Tesha says:

    Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! existing
    here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web page.

  2. Brune says:


  3. Galson says:


  4. Galson says:

    Monica is superhot 😛

  5. Julia Zhu says:

    I love your guys very much, especially Richard and Jared.
    And audience in China wants to see Jian’Yang more often.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Joeri says:


  7. iamlazynic says:


  8. J. Rollins says:

    I hear this guy can jerk off an entire room of 500 people in just under 5 hours. Amazing!

  9. Alexander Petrov says:


  10. Seth says:

    Epic show !

  11. Frank White says:

    Sweet pony!
    I bought my daughter the same pony but I flooded it with ice tho.

  12. Szou says:

    Bioage Biaoge Biaoge

  13. Frank Huang says:


  14. Dan Lawrie says:

    Ejaculating his success all over the face and hair of his fiercest rivals.

  15. Bobby Tables says:

    ‘); DROP TABLE Comments; —

  16. Kinatas says:

    Ce show Roooox du poney !

  17. Delta Insured says:

    Intrigued by the sitcom. It’s like the movie about how Facebook got started but with a comedic twist. Sure shows how even if your smart enough to make such a thing someone that has no interest in it can screw you over. Crisco Oil & Eburnt would have given it 2 middle fingers up! Nice work everyone on the show, writers, producers, etc. Great comedy. Oh and “Sir Bachman”, nice job dumping that stock! ??

  18. Cooker says:

    Well done Sir Bachman.

  19. LionNBean says:

    so where is Big Head ?

  20. Beavis says:

    How do I download the platform?

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  22. DC Circus says:

    Does Jian Yang have a blog?

  23. Jay Dipper says:

    You are coming undone, Donald. So unleash the power..

  24. Favourite show, I laugh my arse off!

  25. iHeartOpae says:

    One of Erlich’s finer moments

  26. 東海林賢蔵 says:


  27. Adipisicing minima nisi sapiente reprehenderit quia enim deleniti magnam unde.

  28. Kaye Hopper says:

    Consequatur, quasi magnam minim maxime voluptas itaque culpa, odit est commodo.

  29. WRB says:

    …This guy fucks

  30. Kylee T says:

    Jared, I hope you enjoy your new seat on the board! Congratulations you deserve a win!

  31. Michael Raia says:

    Where can I get one of those feather caps?

  32. Daneshs pinky says:

    Is this for shizzle?

  33. Bobby says:

    I want to get stoned with Erlich.

  34. really interesting,I am a Chinese ,but i still love this drama,Erich is poor really poor,

  35. Hey says:

    Can we really post comments?

  36. Hee Haaaaaa Erlich is back in full shape. Got all he knows from none other than The Man By The Bay: http://goo.gl/syKOrP

  37. Erlich Blachman says:

    Unicorns only let virgins ride them. It seems his business acumen isn’t the only thing Erlich exaggerates.

  38. Daniel Davis says:


    When will the new Pied Piper jackets be available for retail purchase?

    1. GirlCoder says:

      YES! Must have one!

      1. Leonard says:

        And hats… OOOOH HATS!

      2. Julia Zhu says:

        Me too, hhh

    2. Harry Sun says:

      LOL, I wanna have one too