Pied Piper Pic: Bearding the Dragon in His Lair!


Erlich’s attempt to dissuade “Action Jack” from his appliance strategy was unsuccessful, yet a noble attempt. One is tempted to think Jack’s late fish (pictured above) had an allergic reaction to Mr. Barker’s small thinking.

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  1. danna says:

    can i have a piedpiper T-shirt?

  2. Brandon Carr says:

    The funniest. I’m addicted love the company’s website.

  3. old gil says:

    hey guys

  4. jingyang says:

    i want to go there

  5. Jim Dandy says:

    Can Pied Piper compress natural objects? For example, could medical herbs be compressed so as not to be detectable when hypothetically traveling across state lines via an airplane or other form of public transportation?

  6. Slash says:


    Where can I buy a bottle of Tres Commas?

  7. Neil Bighetti says:

    Bro’s come on, well in net series I’ll do one more cool things that you have not expected

  8. Nick says:

    Hah! Leave it to “Action Jack” to put the salespeople above the engineering team in the org chart. Pied Piper is doomed. And when will Bachman get off his ass and go for his Masters in Ultimate Frisbee?

  9. Hooli-the-best says:

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  11. Edu Perrote says:

    Estoy muy interesado en comprar acciones, con quien tengo que contactar.

  12. Leon says:

    I wonder if all that thinking had gone to hazing Dinesh for his gold chain.

  13. Craig says:

    Can some ask Mr Hendrix if he needs a head of SEO.

    You’re blocking the site in your robots.txt – I can fix that.

    I like to make the world a better place.

    Thanks, Craig

  14. AMIR says:

    A negative comment about the CEO of the company on their own website, written by one of the company’s own employees? This breaks my suspension of disbelief.

  15. Jani Jansson says:

    Just tell me what concrete information you have for me on this web page, that I don’t already possess!

  16. Wolfmeister says:



    I desperately need to get in touch with Russ Hanneman, regarding a potentionaly lucrative business proposal. I will not disclose any details at this point, but I can give a tease about the subject. Are you ready? (Of course you are not)

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    1. Russ Hanneman says:

      Wolfmeister – Billionaires don’t waste time with desperate people. But please do get in touch with my Intellectual Property Lawyer about Internet. On. The. Radio. He smells money for me and Copyright Infringement lawsuit for you.

      Do you have a Billion Dollars? If not, I highly recommend not using The Three Commas. The Club looks down on Three Comma usage by two, one, or no comma people and I don’t remember seeing you at the Three Comma Summit.

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      Russ Hanneman

  17. Capillary J says:

    lol that’s funny!

  18. Jennifer says:

    He’s got the nobility of a Great Dane coupled with a razor intellect. And, he’s single….

    1. 1 says:


  19. kevin says:

    shots fired

    1. Paulo R. says:

      Sou o único brasileiro aqui? Acho que sou o único que trabalho na Pied Piper…