One Step Back, Then a Giant Leap in the Right Direction

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That is not only a description of a possible way to evade an assailant when a small crevasse or stream presents itself, but also of recent events here at ol’ PP.

At first it seemed as if a détente had been achieved, between our little group and the hand-picked CEO Raviga had set above us. An agreement that, if we delivered Mr. Barker his cursed Box, we would then be free to build the broad platform we had always intended. And our engineering team of Richard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle outdid themselves, exceeding by an order of magnitude the specs required by “Action Jack”—a show of good faith if ever I saw one.

What did they get for their trouble? A contract with ’90s-era tech dinosaur Maleant Data Solutions that **exclusively** licensed the Pied Piper algorithm to them for use in said Box for five long years! I suppose it should hardly come as a surprise that a usurper should also be a double-dealer, but I had hoped that Jack’s soft, jowly smile was not merely the mask it proved to be.

Once again, Fortuna had decided to use our hopes as a punching bag, our dreams as a urinal. Whence should our salvation come? From a most unlikely quarter: the same VC firm that forced Richard out and installed Barker! Thankfully, Laurie Bream came to her senses after Jack’s crass Box was thoroughly discredited by Hooli’s acquisition of the Endframe platform.

Unlike when Richard was deposed, in this case it was fortuitous that the bottom line means far more to Raviga than innovation. Thus, when it became clear a platform strategy in compression was more valuable than an appliance play, Mr. Barker was shown the door. The last action of “Action Jack” was to slink out with his tail between his thick, oddly shaped legs. So dear readers: We are not out of the woods yet, but we have taken a step in that direction, and a step away from that terrible, windowless shed under the pines.

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  1. Val says:

    Richard what did you major in?? I need to give my 15 yo ideas!! He’s smart too!!

    Any advice??

  2. Teddy says:

    I love this show.

  3. LJIANG says:

    I can post a comment on Pied Piper, incredible!

  4. sirius says:

    Pied Piperrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Test Name says:

    Do I really be able to post a comment?

  6. Steven Martinez says:


  7. Matt says:

    Jared, you should totally come live at Baghead’s place. There are a lot of people you can be denmother to here! Great Today show appearance!

  8. Gus says:

    Dear Mr. Dunn,
    You should be careful about airing out your company’s internal grievances publicly. As former head of HR at Hooli you should be aware of the wrongful termination possibility as well as the potential for damage seeking litigation against you or your Pied Piper ownership.

  9. Alex says:


  10. Larry Alex says:

    The next CEO will probably ship the algorithm to an unfriendly country illegally and the whole company goes on trial for treason.

    Wait, that must be season 4…

  11. Matt Lovell says:

    Does Erlich’s incubator have a spare room? I need a place to crash. Oh wait, never mind…Bighead just called with a better space.

  12. Gary Helsinger says:

    Ned? Ned Rierson?!

  13. rodrigo duterte says:

    I will appoint Elrich to the Supreme Court

  14. rodrigo duterte says:

    Monica is hot

  15. rodrigo duterte says:

    Elrich isa wise man. I should appoint him to my cabinet.

  16. manny.c says:


  17. Hardick Enurz says:

    Hi. I’m glad Jack got fired. Arrogant prick.

  18. Ralph says:

    Jared you da man

  19. John bananaz says:


  20. 코리안 says:


  21. dan hobbs says:

    We specialize in evictions. Especially evicting cheeky skeletons. Contact us Jared.

  22. Patrice says:

    Jared, I don’t know who told you about the EndFrame acquisition, but that’s under a strict press embargo until 10.30 EST this evening.

    1. Maurycy says:

      But it’s already on Hooli News?

  23. I would like to speak with Erlich about “Aviato”
    We do have some news for him. We’ve replicated it and it’s getting a total success down here. We called it “Aviato, an Argentine company in February 30. It didn’t exist, so we made it”

    1. Harry says:


      1. wow! where can I get hold of one of these boxes?