Introducing Jack “Action Jack” Barker!

Jack Barker

In an unexpected development, it seems…Pied Piper has acquired a new CEO. Now I don’t have to tell you—regular readers of this blog—that, to many of us, a few hiccups aside, Richard Hendricks was doing not merely an adequate but a downright inspiring job leading the company that he founded. But, in its “wisdom,” Raviga has used the board majority it acquired along with Russ Hanneman’s stock to force a change at the top.

And thus Richard has gracefully stepped aside, into the position of Chief Technology Officer, while Jack Barker has taken his place in our company, if not in our hearts. Who is Jack Barker? He was born in Indiana, and some time later, he attended both Dartmouth and the Wharton School of Business. Between 1990 and 2010, he sold two companies for more than a billion dollars each and started a charity. In his spare time he collects race horses and wineries. And so: Lights, camera and “Action Jack!”

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  1. Fucas says:

    I can not believe anyone can post anything and yet there is only something not all things, can not believe it, oh

  2. E Bachman says:

    I am also a big fan of, AVIÁTO. And deviled eggs as an entreé

  3. Jim W says:

    I hope Jack really takes the reins and keeps improving things! I love this product

  4. Jared, don’t let Jack Barker play Richard. Ask Jack how he will build his unit model to show investors how they will get their money back.

  5. Satan Diablo says:


  6. Steven says:

    Jared is a cool guy. I’m sure he’ll come to terms with his new role!

  7. joyce says:

    love it !

  8. Nico says:

    When are you hiring a sales team? Where can I apply?

  9. Flounder says:

    Something’s fishy. He looks like a snarky life insurance salesman. I mean the kind that stands in front of a puddle on the street and chortles when folks step into it.

    Are you sure the PiedPiper crew can trust this guy?

  10. Iwo says:

    Good luck !

  11. Vignesh says:

    Jack looks like a cool guy who gets the job done.

  12. Shivansh says:

    Yes, Richard surely gave the position very gracefully of CEO (sarcasm). And even I think like many others that Jack Barker might play some games here.

  13. Richard Gobbler says:

    Bring Big Head in as COO!!

  14. Amit Vaidya says:

    I wanna buy shares of pied piper!NOW!!

  15. Bryan Burgos says:

    Excited for the future of the company what a great pickup for Pied Piper!

  16. Jonah b says:

    Action Jack + PP = AJPP!

  17. Chris Jacobs says:

    This company is going to be sold to a Goliath. Actions jack never hangs on to the CEO-ship od a company for more than 5 years!

  18. Scott says:

    I think Jack is a quality Pick up for Pied Piper. I’m interested to see what types of synergies will be created through this new, well-qualified CEO and Richard, the hopefully new CTO.

  19. McDavid Kindo says:

    Now I smell horse sh*t in the building (in Erlich’s voice). Erlich better call Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)

  20. Jason says:

    It’s Stu from Californication!

  21. Jack the Doge says:

    Good luck dudes, looking forward to that sweet sweet compression

  22. yoyoma says:

    So loyal Jared – let’s see where this will take the company!

  23. Jack will do great things for Pied Piper. I need to invest now!!!


  24. Carlos says:

    Pied Piper (PP) to the moon!

  25. @Ten_Bobcats says:

    Jared your loyalty to Richard is commendable. Hope the new guy works out. Looks shifty to me.

    1. isuru says:

      I have a feeling he’s very clever and manipulative. He played both Erlich and Richard.

  26. kevin says:

    buddy 🙁 richard will get better treat him right boy