Changes Both Near and Far!

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So many glad tidings to relate, loyal blog readers! (“Bleaders”? Probably not, but since video + blogger = “vlogger,” I thought it might be worth a trial balloon.)

After being most fearfully tested at great length, with all manner of appalling tribulations, our own Richard Hendricks has been restored to his proper station of CEO! We leave shortly to celebrate this fact, at a local, modestly-priced Mexican restaurant from which Erlich has never (yet) been asked to leave.

But oh, did Mr. Jack Barker, former pretender to the CEO throne, leave a mess behind for Richard and the rest of us to clean up. His reckless expenditures forced us to surrender our offices and again work from Erlich’s humble abode. Yet despite economizing in this way—and letting go non-essential staff—our coffers remained in a parlous state, so empty we could not afford to pay the engineers we needed to finish the platform. So I had the notion to stretch our pennies by outsourcing basic engineering functions to eager young developers in the developing world. With new blood toiling away for us in India, Bulgaria, Estonia and so on**, Pied Piper has become a veritable League of Nations of compression!

Dare I say: I believe this reordering of Pied Piper might actually serve as a model for other startups? We are leaner, we are meaner and we are more efficient by virtue of geographical diversity. (Diversity! Yay!) Most of all, we are definitely more true to the original spirit of the company, with Richard back in charge. Once again, I can say that Pied Piper feels like a womb in which I float: warm, safe and, mercifully, entirely dreamless.

**A quick note, dear readers: The three new engineer bios on our site are just a sampling of the nine engineers we have hired to work remotely, some as far as India, some as near as Colorado. (Go Rockies!) You’ll find bios for three of the off-site engineers who allowed them to be put on our site: Others refused for reasons ranging from fear they’d be used by their governments to capture and torture them (for unspecified activities) to—very simply—a strong, visceral dislike of me.

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  1. Ken says:

    Count me in as a loyal PP bleader!

  2. tres comas owner says:

    Spoiler alert! Bighead is going to lose his 20 mil. Should of thought before talking.

  3. Big Head says:

    Great work guys!

  4. Jared are you a nazi? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. GLEB says:


  6. Jian says:

    I didn’t refuse that!

  7. thecsw says:


  8. THIS GUY FUCKS says:


    – Russ Hanneman

  9. Chris says:

    Richard was always the best choice for CEO. Glad to hear you are pushing forward guys.

  10. @trescommas says:

    Excellent work mi amigo. Keep this up and you’ll have car doors that open like this W or like this || , not like this /

    1. someone from China says:

      actually I think it’s open like M. LOL

  11. @ten-bobcats says:

    Hooray for diversity! Good to see the team back in fighting form. Keep up the good work, Jared.