We’re Headed for Arbitration!

We're headed for arbitration

Since the day that Hooli first sued us, it seemed as if that obscenely baseless legal action would drag on forever. And this was indeed Hooli’s intent: to strangle a new company as it lay in its crib, with our last sight being the racist tattoos on the needle-scarred forearms of our foster-mother’s boyfriend du jour, flexing as our windpipe collapsed. But once again, I digress! “Close the window,” Jared!

The point is, I was flabbergasted to learn that our dauntless CEO Richard Hendricks has prevailed upon “Darth” Belson (I have nicknamed him in this manner, after the “Star Wars” villain, to indicate his unscrupulous nature) to convert this suit into binding arbitration! This will bring about a resolution within weeks, rather than a year or more. And I have no doubt that with our case in the steady (for almost six months now) hands of noted litigator Pete Monahan, it will go our way!

Yes, despite our recent setbacks with brain rape, with office space, with live-streaming and with deleting vast quantities of pornography, I see light at the end of the tunnel! Sometimes a great legal mind fallen on hard times is willing to waive their fee! Sometimes California Child Protective Services makes an unannounced visit at precisely the right time!  As Anne Frank famously said, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” So onward to victory!

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  1. Jlb says:

    What’s the date for the Season 4 premier?

  2. Richard says:

    I like it!

  3. S Valley says:

    Richard tested the old software algorithm on the Hooli computer, but if he looses he somehow he has to give the latest version.

    Good thing for that messed up employment contract.

  4. OverLord says:

    Those back stabbing Raviga !!! , please make back Richard Hendricks as CEO!!!!

  5. Sandy says:

    U Guys 屌爆了~

  6. David says:

    The judge loved Bighetti’s honesty, he should do same to Richard if he’s an honest judge. Then maybe, just maybe, the next episode will end on a high for you guys.

  7. DPRK says:

    No worries! the supreme leader will make PP rise to the very top! and tackle all american scum!

  8. USA says:

    i feel like the based god cursed PP!

  9. Japan says:


  10. Keaton says:

    Between Erlich and Jared, the best writing happens. Spin-off material in their own rights. It would be fun to see the young, blossoming world-hater that Gilfoyle has become too, though… Man, I fucking love this show.

  11. Gabriel says:

    Did anybody else end up reading this in Jared’s voice? Or is that just me???

    1. Doktor says:

      Actually yes 🙂

  12. Barack Obama says:

    You’re the most cheerful person ever to quote Anne Frank

  13. Jeff says:

    Is it bed wetting time for Richard?

  14. FANATIC says:

    Silicon Valley is the perfect show to extend over to social media !

  15. That’s a very dark and grim portrait of Richard bending over.

  16. Mark says:

    this show fucks, am I right?

  17. Testicular Homicide says:

    Henry Kissinger (doing his Weimar Republic drag show) isn’t on this show enough. Come on, guys! >:(

  18. Pablo Martin Podhorzer says:

    Very nice blog and all, but where is the promised PP Technology, dudes! I´m been waiting forever for that middle-out thing you offered me. Am I supposed to do it alone?

  19. Pepe Tolete says:

    About ready to give up on this show. I want to see a real victory and not the same old BS with a bunch of losers making the same stupid mistakes over and over. Move on please!!!

  20. Bosil Beldom says:

    I’m victor
    I’m a brosse

  21. PP says:

    I’m just waiting for the triumphant return of Peter Gregory.

    1. whatever says:

      the actor who played him is actually dead

      1. ppperson says:


  22. Bombi John says:

    Seeing them failing time after time was funny for the first 25 times. Now it’s becoming annoying and cringe worthy. I want to punch them in the face for being so stupid sometimes. It’s time to let them have a real victory (not one that will disappear in one episode).

    Also, what is it with tv shows with nerds like this talking shit about Radiohead? I am a nerd and back in college (and at work) it was a common thing for nerds to love that band.