Servers in the Garage! Whee!

Greetings again, readers! 

This has been a challenging few days. Just as it seemed the Pied Piper team was about to move into luxurious new offices once inhabited by Zynga, today…we find ourselves once again back at Erlich’s.

Why? Well, our contracts to rent server space suddenly vanished like Julia Roberts in Sleeping With the Enemy! And we didn’t need to find a wedding ring in the toilet to know that a certain CEO of Hooli—who I will not dignify by naming—must have pulled some strings. Fortunately, Gilfoyle has impressive hardware skills, as well as a disturbingly apocalyptic worldview, and offered to stand-up servers himself in the Hacker Hostel garage. And that is how I was…discovered. 

I have a confession, readers. Sometimes my solicitude for the fortunes of Pied Piper comes at the expense of my person, whether it be my sleep, my digestive system or my apartment. You see, in an attempt to cut our budget I slashed my salary rather drastically and then discovered I could no longer afford my apartment. And so that was I came to be secretly living in Erlich’s garage, between a broken hydroponic tank and an apparently functional but abandoned NordicTrack.

Of course, once Gilfoyle needed the space, I cleared right out. Fortunately, our wonderful CEO Richard Hendricks graciously allowed me to sleep on a cot in his room. I felt so tiny and safe in that womb of innovation that I cannot describe the feeling.

In any case: Our new data center is up and running, our team continues to build out the platform and I have found an affordable place nearby, though I am occasionally bitten by a stray ferret in my sleep. (Long story!)

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