Pied Piper Pic: Peek Inside Hacker Hostel

PPP - Peek Inside Hacker Hostel

Pied Piper isn’t just a group of employees, it’s a group of friends. As you can see, the warmth here is almost palpable.

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  1. MC Fresh Milk says:

    Jared is a rock star. I bet he has mad females up on his shlomo.

  2. Recursivemmie says:

    Jared!!! I love you!!!

  3. fugus says:

    What a joke

  4. ShaetSplittrr says:


  5. Бекмурза «220 VolT» Мудрец says:


  6. Gustavo Diniz says:

    e ae bro

  7. ten_bobcats says:

    Sometimes not talking at mealtimes is the best. Looks cozy to me.

  8. matteo nuti says:

    un giorno spero di lavorare per questa azienda!

  9. Joanne Jenner says:

    Monica, Peter Gregory is dead. I suggest the…beige ensemble you wore last Tuesday.

  10. The King of the Hill says:

    Holy shit you guys made a website…Please put hank hill in the next episode

  11. Balmer says:

    Dick farmers…

  12. Bill P says:

    Orb, I mean Bro

  13. Bro! says:

    Get the bro app inspired by the show for android! http://goo.gl/cLZfpD

  14. Phil Situmorang says:


  15. Pratim Lanjewar says:

    OMG..your share button is not working… as I already liked the page before..it won’t let me share….Motherf*

  16. Jazz says:

    The joy of friends!

  17. Ardynn says:

    Middle Out!!!

  18. steez says:

    your all a bunch of butt mongles!

  19. Chewbacca says:


  20. XIAOQING LI says:

    no way this will actually post…

  21. Ming Yin says:


  22. PARKAY! says:

    PP Schwag!

  23. PARKAY says:

    PSP schwag!

  24. D@RU5 says:

    Need more Pied Piper schwag for my office!

  25. Chris says:

    you mean "bros"?

  26. piedpiperRulez says:

    Hooli is definetly bad

  27. disgurbtledHooliEmployee says:

    Phuck hooooooli

  28. Brian says:

    Hooli sucks big time! Glad Pied Piper is here to kick their ass!