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2015/04/26 12:34:13

Live! Condor Cam

Courtesy of the Palo Alto Natural History Museum. Video compression enabled by Pied Piper.

What is Pied Piper?


Pied Piper isn’t some bloated corporation 
with a pretentious mission statement about 
“making the world a better place.”

We are a small, focused, 
business-facing compression company 
intent on providing the absolute best in
data-management solutions.

As such, we are in the process of deploying an integrated, multi-platform functionality of all applications of our algorithm

intended to provide a suite of compression services across diversified market segments. 
In this way, we hope to positively impact our planet.



Providing the absolute best in
data-management solutions.

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A suite of compression services across
diversified market segments.

Pied Piper Technology

Pied Piper takes all your files and makes them smaller for when you need a “little help”! 

It’s built on a universal compression engine that stacks on any file, data, video or image no matter what size.

How do we do it? 

Using our revolutionary “middle-out” algorithm, we find long-range structure in your files to create the most efficient encoding of your data. It’s just as exciting as it sounds.

Even if your file is already compressed, 
we can make it smaller. 

Now you see it, now…you have a hard time seeing it, because it’s so much smaller! Smaller files take up less space on your computer. Less space = more stuff. More stuff = better life!

Faster downloads means the time you save can be used for families, friends or hobbies, such as sports! 

Smoother video streaming means goodbye spinning circles, hello uninterrupted viewing experience.

Your data is hosted on the cloud, available when you need it, through any browser or media player…instantly. 

That’s how “PP Power” gives you an “all-access pass” to the “convenience rock concert”!


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